Our service ideal car charter combines long-term lease (with purchase option), fleet management and vehicle insurance.

Our ideal lease offers favourable conditions against suitable guarantees. The lease contract is valid for 36 or 48 months, but can be extended for all the time you require. The further details will be arranged with you personally.

ideal fleet management includes: German registration, transportation, motor vehicle tax, insurance, accident management, document management, fines, general inspections, expert reports, recalls, sale of the used car. You only have to take care of the periodic maintenance.

The ideal insurance is a tailor-made solution for our customers’ demands and it is the result of years of experience. You define your optimal insurance coverage, we ensure fixed costs for the contract duration. Our accident management, provided by specialized partners and lawyers, focuses primarily on your welfare: no discussions, comfortable and safe. We take care of the estimate of the damaged car, of the authorization to repair, and of the indemnity claims against the involved insurances.

At the end of the lease you can buy the car at the calculated residual value. Alternatively you can bring the car back to us; we will sell it to the highest bidder car-dealer. The difference between the calculated residual value and actual proceeds of the sale (excluding VAT) will be fully credited or charged to your account. Prior to our approval you can also mediate a third party (company or individual) willing to buy the car, or a possible lease takeover.