In 1982 the Munich businessman Manfred Walter founded IDEAL Handelsgesellschaft GmbH and operated the wholesale of German new vehicles to Italy.

As the European single market came into force in 1993, Manfred Walter started a new business sector - enabled by the new freedom in providing services - building on his automotive and Italy know-how: the German automotive long-term lease to Italy.

In 1994 his son, Thomas Walter, joined company. From now on, they focused on the new service ideal car charter: long-term lease and fleet management of luxury cars for European customers.

The company became a corporation in 2002 and Manfred Walter, as Supervisory Board, retired from the operative business.

Today, the company operates as a limited partnership and Thomas Walter is its sole personally liable partner and managing director. The company focuses on “excellent service for exclusive customers”, building on over 30 years of experience as well as the automobile passion and expertise of the “idealists”.